I know this duet has been posted an endless amount of times, but I just watched it yet again and it’s just SO damn good! Barbra seems at ease and you can just tell by the way they interact that she looks up to Judy and that Judy is an admirer of Barbra as well. It’s two pros doing what they do best, feeding off each other and enjoying it.

My favorite part is when Judy sings You And The Night And The Music and just gives it her all and Barbra goes “OHHH!” as Judy hits the last note.

Legendary. Just legendary.

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  4. vintagestyledheart said: YES! YES! I love how Judy is just kind of singing lightly along, letting Barbra do her thing, then You and the Night and the Music comes on, and she just SLAYS it out. So great, **shivers**
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    I love them singing, “How About You” in this! Perfection in a word.
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